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Cactus® 42 Dual Shaft EC Motors

The Cactus 42 Dual Shaft Tri-Voltage motor is an enhancement to our Cactus 42 product line. It features a shaft at the front and the rear of the motor and goes through rigorous engineering and testing to meet the requirements of HVAC and indoor air quality applications.

The Dual Shaft motor has 83% efficiency and is ideal for replacing current EC and PSC motors. TelcoGreen motors improve your energy efficiency, making them a reliable and high-performance solution.

Product Features

Tri-voltage motors produce rated torque at each voltage. 0 – 10V input available

The 0 – 10V input allows control to the EC Motors motor for an increase or decrease in its speed. It allows the system to be optimized for performance and efficiency.

Lead wire available

The lead wire allows the option of an IP rating while also moving the connections to a safe location away from any hazard within the application. Lead wires are great for HVAC applications because they are resistant to fire, mechanical, and moisture damage.

Dual shaft available

Dual shaft motors can have two applications, one on either side of the TelcoGreen motor. The Cactus 42 Dual Shaft motor provides torque and speed at lower operating voltages. The Dual Shaft gives the EC motor more application and customization options based on your project.

Remote mount driver module available

Remount mount driver modules can be mounted away from dangerous areas that are unsafe to operate in. Not only does it protect the electronic components of the motor against damage, but it also protects the operators to ensure everyone’s safety.

ETL recognized component

TelcoGreen motors are ETL certified, which means they meet industry safety standards. It’s proof of compliance that our products are safe to use for your unique applications.

PC programmable for custom applications

You can customize the Cactus 42 to meet the specific requirements of your application. Our EC Motors are ideal for several unique HVAC and pump applications to improve the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Voltage, current, and thermally protected

The Cactus 42 has built-in protection to avoid over/under voltage, current, and heat to prevent damage to the system or buildings.

6kV surge protection
The Cactus 42 has a surge protection safety feature to ensure any motor or system wiring doesn’t burn or cause a fire in case of a sudden surge in voltage.

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