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Complete Blower Assembly

TelcoGreen complete blower assemblies offer low-profile motors consisting of a direct drive wheel, an EC motor, custom spec’d housing, and a cutoff.

There are different complete blower assemblies available, such as single inlet, double inlet, and cross flow. These low-profile assemblies go up to 7000 rpm and provide reliable, high-efficiency distribution of air in a variety of HVAC, medical applications, industrial equipment, and food equipment applications.

Our complete blower assemblies are made with premium, durable materials to withstand high-temperature situations and provide optimum airflow in various harsh environments.

Product Features

Sensorless control

You can use sensorless controls to determine rotor positions and motor speeds. The motor speed information is important to control motor rpm and make changes accordingly. Sensorless controls provide increased reliability and reduced hardware complexity.

RPM feedback

Feedback devices allow your complete blower assembly to adjust output automatically to maintain stability, minimize errors, and remove variations. You can also use rpm feedback for troubleshooting to prevent future errors.

Remote mount electronic driver

The remote mount electronic driver keeps the sensitive electrical components safe. It mounts away from the main system and drives the motor without a need for someone to be near any potentially dangerous sites.

Stainless steel 304 shaft

304-grade stainless steel is ideal for motor shafts because it is highly resistant to corrosive materials and oxidation. Since complete blower assemblies encounter the most wear and tear for their air quality and heating applications, stainless steel protects the motor to ensure its durability.

PC programmable for custom applications

You can PC program complete assembly motors to meet unique requirements for your custom application. We can modify the brushless motor to fit the parameters of your project. There are lots of parameters you can adjust so it fits your system best.

Complete Blower Assembly FAQ

Blower assemblies include a direct drive wheel, housing, cutoff, and motor. Some blower assemblies also include legs, a capacitor, and accessories. This includes switches, sensorless controls, and integrated driver modules that enhance the capabilities of the motor assembly.
A complete blower assembly is essential in many medical, food, HVAC, and industrial applications. They provide reliable, complete motor solutions for furnaces, industrial fans, ventilators, commercial ovens, surgical equipment, and more.
Complete motor assemblies include all the motor parts required to provide high-efficiency motor power to drive a variety of applications. They ensure you get a product made with premium quality materials with a long useful life. A complete motor assembly can reduce the overall energy consumption of your system, making it affordable and cost-effective to run large-scale operations. Our team works closely to match your project needs and provide a high-quality motor solution that makes your system more efficient.

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