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Custom Gas Products

Custom Gas Products

TelcoMotion’s line of gas and burner assembly products offers you the best of engineering in a package that meets your needs. We know how important gas delivery and control are to the success of any industrial or commercial project, which is why we have invested in researching and developing specialized products designed to fit your specific requirements.

We offer custom gas burners and regulators for nearly any application. Whether you need a single- or two-stage burner with low emission rates, a highly efficient pre-mix system, an oxygen injection system, or any other custom application, our expert engineers will work with you to find the best solution for your project.

Our gas and burner assemblies are designed with quality, efficiency, safety, and reliability in mind. All components used have been carefully tested by our team of experts to ensure optimal performance throughout their entire lifespan. When you purchase from TelcoMotion, you’re not just getting a burner, igniter, pilot light, or manifold — you’re getting a guarantee of value that only comes with a reputation like ours.

Product Features

Complete gas burner systems

TelcoMotion provides complete gas burner systems that meet the unique project requirements of various gas and burner assembly applications. Our gas and burner components provide robust and reliable power and low emissions to meet accurate fuel delivery needs. You trust TelcoMotion to deliver high performance, quality, and reliability.

Custom solutions

We have been servicing various industries with quality gas and burner assembly products for a long time. Our team takes pride in ensuring you get a custom solution that matches the specific requirements of your system. Whether you’re looking for gas burners, igniters, pilot lights, manifolds, or something else, we have strong design customization capabilities to meet your needs.

Custom Gas Products FAQ

Industrial gas products can be used in a wide range of applications, but on a fundamental level, they all serve the same purpose: providing energy for the operation of machinery and equipment. In industrial settings, gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon are used to run welding machines, power generators for electricity production, and provide fuel for industrial furnaces and fire pit systems. In addition to providing energy sources for industrial machinery, gases can also be used in the manufacturing of products. Some industrial gasses, such as chlorine and sulfur dioxide, are used in the creation of chemical compounds that form the basis for certain drugs and plastics, for example.
A burner assembly consists of a burner head, a gas supply line, and an ignition source such as a spark generator or pilot light. The burner head is usually made of cast iron or steel and houses the flame. The gas supply line carries fuel from the main gas line to the burner head and can be either a rigid pipe or flexible tubing. Finally, an ignition source such as a spark generator or pilot light is necessary to ignite the flame.
Burner assemblies should be serviced regularly to ensure optimal performance and prevent any potential problems. Generally, it is recommended to have the burner assembly checked at least once a year or after every 1,000 hours of operation. ”

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