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Telcomotion Steering & Traction Module


Motorized wheels play a crucial role in enabling the mobility of service robots, AGVs, and AMRs. They empower self-propelled vehicles to navigate various terrains, transport payloads, and execute tasks in diverse environments such as warehouses, hospitals, and hotels. The EasyDrive™ motorized wheel series comprises BLDC or Servo motors paired with PU wheels, meticulously engineered to facilitate precise and agile movement across different robotic platforms. Available in a variety of payload capacities and speeds, EasyDrive™ motorized wheels are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications.

Product Features

Precise steering control

EasyDrive™ offers precise steering control, allowing AGVs and AMRs to navigate through intricate paths and tight spaces accurately. The module’s advanced algorithms ensure seamless direction changes, minimizing the risk of collisions and optimizing vehicle efficiency.

High load capacity

Our robotics module can handle heavy loads efficiently. This feature suits it for various heavy-duty applications where AGVs and AMRs need to transport substantial payloads easily.

Smooth traction control

TelcoMotion’s traction control system enables smooth and stable motion on various surfaces, including uneven floors and ramps. This ensures uninterrupted and efficient material flow, even in demanding industrial environments.

Easy integration

The EasyDrive™ steering and traction module is ready to be integrated into AGV and AMR platforms. The compact and modular design streamlines installation, reducing setup time and allowing for faster deployment.

EasyDrive™ FAQ

AGV stands for “Automated Guided Vehicle.” These self-driving vehicles can transport goods and people. AMR describes autonomous mobile robots that can move around on their own. AGV and AMR can complete similar tasks. However, while there are many different types of autonomous robots, an AMR sets itself apart with the ability to move itself.
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) typically utilize various steering methods to navigate and maneuver autonomously. The main types of steering used in AMRs include:
  • Differential Steering: Differential steering involves controlling the speeds of the left and right wheels independently. By varying the wheel speeds, the AMR can turn by driving the wheels on one side faster or slower than the other.
  • Ackermann Steering: This is a more advanced steering method used in certain AMRs. It involves turning the front wheels at different angles while keeping all wheels at a common center point. This ensures the AMR follows a circular path during turns, reducing skidding and minimizing the risk of damaging the flooring or surroundings.
  • Swerve Steering: Swerve steering, also known as omnidirectional steering. It employs individual steerable wheels, each capable of rotating independently around its vertical axis.
  • Mecanum Wheel Steering: This steering utilizes specialized wheels with angled rollers mounted at 45-degree angles to the wheel’s rotational axis. By controlling the rotation of these wheels, AMRs can achieve omnidirectional movement, enabling them to move sideways and diagonally with ease.
Steering and traction modules have distinct functions when it comes to controlling movement and navigation for AMRs and AGVs. The steering module adds control to the direction or path of the vehicle’s travel route to a traction module. This module determines how the vehicle turns and changes its orientation to navigate the space while driving the system into position. The traction module simply provides the necessary traction and power to move the AMR or AGV along the ground. It ensures the wheels or tracks of the vehicle have sufficient grip on the surface while using differential or other types of steering to navigate into position.

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