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External Rotor motors

External Rotor Brushless DC Motor

Efficient, powerful, and precise, external rotor motor units are a great BLDC motor option for use cases. Our outer rotor brushless motor system leads the pack with a compact design and high torque output.

Product Features

High Efficiency

Our external rotor motors are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and torque at rated speed ranges, allowing you to save energy while adapting performance to changing system demands. With a sleek design, they offer excellent performance in a compact, integrated package.

Low Noise Level

Noise can be a major nuisance when operating machinery; our external rotor motors produce low noise levels, making them suitable for a range of applications. As a brushless motor, friction and operating noises are negated, making it a great choice for production floors.

Reliable Performance

The brushless design of BLDC motors minimizes friction to prolong the life of internal components. TelcoMotion’s motors have been further tested and certified to ensure they can stand up to the toughest conditions without sacrificing performance, for the life of your system.

Excellent Controllability

TelcoMotion’s external rotor motors come with a range of control options, allowing you to easily adjust speed and direction. Smooth, stable rotation ensures revolutions remain precise.

External Rotor Brushless DC Motor FAQ

The rotor of a brushless motor is a rotating part that contains permanent magnets. Its purpose is to create the magnetic field necessary for inducing current in the stator windings and generating torque on the motor shaft.
Inner rotor motors have a rotor and shaft positioned inside the stator cavity, while outer rotor motors have a separate external housing that contains the motor’s magnets. Inner rotors are typically easier to use, as the only moving components are the shaft and its attachments. Each design has its benefits and value, depending on the system needs. Outer rotor BLDC motors are often a preferred choice for projects requiring high torque and more compact size.
External rotor brushless DC motors are known to be more efficient and have a longer life span compared to brushed versions. This type of motor can provide higher torque and speed as well as better power management compared to its predecessors.

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