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High-Efficiency AC Motors

TelcoMotion’s high-efficiency electric motors are a cost-effective choice for AC motors. Operating within the mid-to-high 80 percentile, they are extremely efficient and have a high rating compared to the typical 50-60 percent range that AC motors come with.Our electric motors have various frame sizes, including the NEMA 56 3-phase AC induction motor and PSC motor. They have a rated output power of up to 3 HP, and we also offer a variety of enclosures and mounting configurations that are customizable for your operations.

Product Features


When it comes to AC motors, customizability is very important. With numerous applications and projects requiring AC and electric motors, customizability is a game changer for companies needing heightened energy efficiency and specific products.

With a variety of frame sizes, motor types, RPM, and more, you can select a base electric motor and have the option to add specific types of enclosures and mounting configurations to keep your operations running efficiently.

Get in touch with one of our TelcoMotion specialists, and we will help you create the perfect custom solution for your business and operations.

4-pole Speed

4-pole motors will give you more torque, making them better suited for higher weight capacities such as agricultural vehicles, large commercial cooking appliances, and elevators. 4 poles allow you to reach higher speeds and benefit from increased efficiency.

Multiple Models

No matter what industry you work in, finding the right tool for the job is key. Whether you need a 3-phase AC induction, a PSC-type motor, or a higher-voltage motor with exceptional efficiency, TelcoMotion has what you need. With ten different base models to choose from (and customizations upon request), you’ll get the right high-efficiency electric motor the first time.

High-Efficiency AC Motors FAQ

Numerous industries rely on electric motors – particularly high-efficiency motors – to get the job done repeatedly. High-efficiency motors are used in a variety of applications. Everything from large industrial machinery to small dental tools requires AC motors to function properly.
Using high-efficiency motors ultimately reduces power supply output, saving you money. With high efficiency also comes an optimization in system output; the more work you can produce, the more money you can make.
BLDC motors tend to be more efficient than AC motors. However, by customizing your AC motor, you can get the right motor for your operations. Out of the ten models that we sell at TelcoMotion, the most efficient electric motor you can get is model AN56HTD300-874R; it has an output power of 3 HP, is a 3-phase AC induction motor, and has an RPM of 1735 // 1455 with an efficiency rating of 86.90%.
Induction motors – or high efficiency motors – work when magnetic energy spins the rotor. AC motors use an electromagnetic induction motor that creates a rotating magnetic field.

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