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Industrial DP and IEC Contactors

TelcoMotion’s line of industrial contactors meets the rigorous demands of industrial applications. Our contactors are manufactured using high-quality materials and components that extend the life of our products while providing superior performance in even extreme conditions.

Choose from both DP and IEC contactors suited for a range of amps and use cases. We offer additional snap-on accessories, universal mounting plates, lug terminals, relay bases, and more to ensure you have the right fitting for each solution. TelcoMotion’s technical support team is always on standby ready to help you customize your electrical circuit to meet any unique needs you may have.

Product Features

High performance and reliability

Our industrial DP and IEC contactors comply with UL 508, IEC 60947-1 & 60947-4-1, and ARI 780/790 standards set by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute.

Easy installation and maintenance

TelcoMotion provides contactors with snap-on accessories to meet the requirements of various applications and systems. Our contactors come with universal mounting plates available as well to make them compatible with standard products.

Affordable and efficient

Our contactors give you the affordability you need to focus on performance without compromising efficiency. Our DP and IEC contactors have 15-50% cost savings and 30-40% space savings compared to NEMA contactors.

Maximum of three auxiliary contact blocks are available

The auxiliary contact blocks are used for the operation of auxiliary circuits and control circuits in standard industrial environments. TelcoMotion provides a maximum of three auxiliary contact blocks that can get feedback from the main contactor whenever a trip happens to keep the circuit breakers and other equipment protected.

Industrial DP and IEC Contactors FAQ

Relays are designed to control an electrical circuit’s contacts in the event of parameter or condition change. A type of electromagnetic switch, they spring into action when overloads are detected, often switching many times during an operating cycle. Contactors, on the other hand, have a physical electrical connection, based on the voltage being applied to the system. Both have different load capacities, with relays used for low-voltage electrical loads of about 10 amperes or less and contactors handling high-voltage demands greater than 10 amperes.
Contactors can be used for a variety of industrial applications, including lights, motors, pumps, and commercial HVAC systems. They can also be used for controlling electrical power to a variety of equipment, including automated assembly lines and conveyors.
There are three main types of contactors: auxiliary, power, and contact spring. The three differ from one another in configuration and the type of electrical load they control. Spring-loaded contacts are specifically designed to open or close a circuit when triggered by an electrical impulse. Auxiliary contactors provide additional control functions, such as remote control, and provide protection against overcurrent. Power contactors are designed to handle the high-voltage loads demanded by larger motors and other machinery.
Industrial contactors make it safer to indirectly control high-voltage and very high-power electrical devices such as motors and lighting. They are very valuable in potential cases of overload and where failure to de-energize a system would result in damage to internal parts or put people at risk.

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