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IntelliGreen® 42 EC Motors

The IntelliGreen 42 is our 42-frame Electronically Commutated Motor (EC Motors) from our original line of variable-speed motors. With up to 85% efficiency, IntelliGreen 42 EC Motors are a reliable solution for many HVAC applications. Not only can it reduce your overall electrical energy consumption and carbon footprint, but it’s also a cost-effective alternative to standard AC motors.

Our designers and engineers have put in countless hours of development to provide a premium EC Motors with integrated control functions customized for your unique projects.

Product Features

Fully potted control module

Potting fills a complete electronic assembly with a compound for high-voltage assemblies. The compound permanently protects the assembly from water, moisture, and corrosive agents. It also provides resistance to shock and vibration.

Single or dual shaft options

Single or dual shaft options give more possibilities for how the motor can be used in the application. Single shaft motors are driven by a controller and the shaft is connected to the required part of the application. You can attach a dual shaft motor to two applications or use the rear shaft to mount an encoder to set up a closed-loop speed control system. These add-on options can be used without impacting the main drive shaft.

Integrated control module

Integrated control modules allow for streamlined installations, better control of the application functions, and allow you to troubleshoot the motor from afar. It also allows centralized communication and better connection with the rotor and other parts of the system so that it can work more efficiently.

Remote mount available

The remote mount protects the sensitive electronics of the motor. It ensures the motor components are away from any environments that could damage the motor. It also keeps workers safe because they don’t have to operate the motor and system close to any dangerous environments.

5 tap 24V and 0-10V inputs via UCB control

24V systems are beneficial because they conform to industry standard usage and readily available system control boards. This allows OEMs to save costs with the use of standard controls and connective components. The 0 – 10V inputs can control the speed of the fan or blower motor and adjust it based on the application needs to make it more efficient and optimized for performance.

Remote potentiometer speed control via VSC

Potentiometers allow for simple speed control of the EC motor and provide direct angular position information of the motor shaft. You can use the remote potentiometer to control the base voltage of the power transistor.

Development software available

Development software can control or reprogram the EC motor for a different application. It makes it easy for you to modify the motor as needed for the parameters of your application and project.

Voltage, current, and thermally protected

The IntelliGreen 42 has built-in safety features protecting it against damage from high levels of voltage, current, and thermal heat. The motor either locks up or breaks the circuit to protect the motor and system if levels reach higher than the present level.

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