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TelcoMotion supplies clients with a broad range of components to support their applications. Microswitches are fundamental components used to control the operational flow in a myriad of electrical devices.

Our products are highly sensitive and rapidly respond to motion or force. These switches are equipped with actuators (also called paddles or sails) that engage a response at high speed, making them highly reliable and efficient as control components.

Product Features


Actuators are a key element of a microswitch. When conditions are met, it will trigger a reaction. The presence of an actuator in a microswitch underlies its capability to promptly regulate the operations of electrical devices.

High sensitivity to motion and force

Our microswitches are designed to be highly sensitive to changes in motion or force. This allows them to quickly control operations in robotics and other systems requiring precise motion control.

Microswitches FAQ

Microswitches are versatile components used for control in various electrical devices. They are extensively used in robotics to regulate motion and detect force changes and in-home appliances and industrial machinery to control operational flows.
Quality microswitches contribute to efficiency by enabling precise control and rapid response in electrical devices. Their high sensitivity to motion and force changes allows for accurate operation control, minimizing errors and increasing overall efficiency.
TelcoMotion microswitches are designed for a high number of actuations. The frequency of microswitch replacement largely depends on the operating conditions and the quality of the switch. Generally, inspecting microswitches regularly for signs of wear or damage is good practice. TelcoMotion’s switches are designed with durability in mind and have a long operational life.
Microswitches come in a variety of types, primarily distinguished by their actuator design. Common types include plunger, lever, and roller lever microswitches—each designed for different applications. Plunger types are directly operated by force; lever types use a lever mechanism for operation, while roller lever types incorporate a small roller for smooth operation. The choice of switch type depends on the specific requirements of the device they are used in.

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