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TelcoMotion’s high precision, high efficiency, high speed, and high torque NEMA and industrial brushless DC motors deliver the utmost in value and performance. Special rotor construction along with available integrated drivers and controllers, custom gearboxes, optical encoders, shielded cables, and turnkey assemblies, make our systems an easy choice for a variety of industrial use cases.

Product Features

Every NEMA and industrial brushless DC motor TelcoMotion builds is part of a long legacy of quality, precision engineering, and uncompromising performance. You can expect nothing but the best from our products, and regarding NAMA BLDC motors specifically, that means:

Multiple Frame Sizes

TelcoMotion’s NEMA motors come in small, medium, and large sizes to allow for a wide range of mounting options — 17, 23, and 34 respectively. This makes it easier than ever to find the perfect fit for your application.

Excellent Performance

Like all TelcoMotion systems, you can count on our NEMA BLDC motors to perform well on a consistent basis. Not only do we build them to the highest quality standards, but our products also feature:

  • High torque at low speeds, with a maximum rated torque of 297 oz-in
  • Linear speed and torque curves
  • Low electrical noise and vibration levels

Rugged Construction

TelcoMotion motors are designed to withstand tough conditions. Our proprietary construction and component selection are used to ensure long-term durability and reliable operation in higher temperatures and rugged environments.

Motor Accessory Options

From integrated drivers and controllers to optional gearboxes, optical encoders, shielded cables, and turnkey assemblies, TelcoMotion gives you a wealth of ways to customize the build of your NEMA BLDC motor.


A NEMA BLDC motor is a type of electric brushless DC motor designed to meet the dimensional standards set by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). It combines a permanent magnet rotor, a high-efficiency stator winding design, and an electronic control unit to provide optimal performance. They are often used in applications that require precise speed control, such as medical equipment and robotics.
NEMA BLDC motors have several advantages when compared to traditional brushed DC motors. They are more efficient, generate less heat, and require less maintenance. NEMA BLDC motors also tend to offer better speed control than traditional DC motors.
Yes, the design of a NEMA BLDC motor allows it to work reliably under both low and high temperatures. However, extreme temperature changes can affect its performance over time. It’s important to invest in a system from a reputable supplier like TelcoMotion to ensure your motor can withstand long-term use in different climates.

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