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PM Stepper Motors

PM Stepper Motors

TelcoMotion produces various permanent magnet (PM) stepper motor systems, all boasting high-efficiency and low-noise operating levels. Options up to 55 mm in diameter are available for industrial projects, big and small. Our products are renowned for their long-lasting quality – these permanent magnet stepper motors come equipped with maintenance-free bearings.

Product Features

Regardless of what you need a permanent magnet stepper motor for, you should be able to trust the product you’re buying will functionally pay its worth. At TelcoMotion, we pride ourselves on constructing the industry’s finest and most cutting-edge permanent magnet stepper systems – loaded with features across the board.

Find out what a TelcoMotion permanent magnet stepper motor can offer you:

High Torque Rating

1500 g-cm max torque is just one of many reasons why everyone, from industrial medical device manufacturers to home appliance manufacturers, trusts us to supply their permanent magnet stepper motors.

Step Angle Options

Step angle selection is critical to efficiency in automation projects. TelcoMotion permanent magnet stepper motors provide a step angle of 7.5 degrees, 15 degrees, and 18 degrees.

Reliable and Practical Performance

Our steppers are designed to be dependable in any industrial application, and their low noise levels can accommodate a range of usage contexts.

Multiple Sizing Options

Choose from a litany of designs and permanent magnet stepper unit sizes ranging between 15 and 55mm in diameter.

Bipolar and Unipolar Drive Circuit Configurations Available

Whether your specific application requires a bipolar drive circuit or a unipolar drive circuit, you can rest assured that TelcoMotion has permanent magnet stepper motors built for the job.

Special Features

Great holding torque aside, our range of permanent magnet stepper systems has unparalleled flexibility. Everything from lead screws, gearboxes, pinion gears, and connectors to shaft, coil resistance, and front plate modifications are available upon request.

PM Stepper Motors FAQ

A permanent stepper motor is a type of electric motor that utilizes magnetic fields to move its rotor in discrete steps. Permanent stepper motors, such as robotics and CNC machines, are best for applications requiring precise movements.
Permanent stepper motors use permanent magnets, while hybrid stepper motors use a combination of both permanent magnets and electromagnets. Hybrid stepper motors are typically more potent than their permanent counterparts. However, they also require more complex circuitry and are usually more expensive.
Permanent stepper motors are commonly used in a variety of applications, including:
  • 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • CNC machines
  • Point-of-sale systems
They can also be used to power automatic doors or window actuators.
Stepper motors can run at very high heat levels while maintaining tremendous holding torque and continuous torque. In general, they only need additional cooling if they are being used for extended periods of time at high loads.

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