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Power Distribution Blocks

Power Distribution Blocks

TelcoMotion offers a comprehensive line of power distribution blocks, terminal blocks, fuse holders, ground lugs, and voltage transformation devices. Suitable for applications of all kinds, our high-quality designs serve industrial environments well. They’re also UL Certified to ensure your peace of mind.

We build products with various ratings and voltage options to meet your specific needs. Moreover, we have an excellent in-house technical support team to help you customize and configure power distribution blocks per project requirements. When you shop with TelcoMotion, you can expect a professional experience from start to finish.

  • Higher amps (Power Distribution Blocks) from 90A to 760A
  • Lower amps (Barrier Terminal Blocks) from 10A to 80A

Product Features

Wide product coverage range

TelcoMotion’s power distribution blocks offer a broad product coverage range and are certified for safe operations. Regardless of how near or far you need to distribute an electrical circuit to devices in the branch circuit, our solutions have you covered.

Custom designs

We recognize that customers have different requirements for power distribution blocks, terminal blocks, fuse holders, ground lugs, and voltage transformation devices. While most projects are satisfied with standard models, we can design custom solutions to meet the requirements of your high-volume OEM project.

Power Distribution Blocks FAQ

Terminal blocks make electrical connections between wiring components or devices such as switches, relays, circuit breakers, and other components. They are often used in industrial and commercial applications where wiring needs to be changed or rearranged frequently. On the other hand, power distribution blocks are used for distributing power from a single incoming power source to multiple outgoing circuits.
Power distribution blocks are used to distribute power throughout a system. They are typically found in electrical systems, such as automobiles and other types of equipment. Power distribution blocks help ensure the current is properly distributed between multiple sources, preventing dangerous overloads and surges.
Power distribution blocks have countless use cases in a variety of industries. A few of their most popular applications are in commercial and industrial electrical systems, solar power systems, automotive applications, and computer and office equipment wiring.
Yes. Power distribution blocks come in two main varieties: independent and bussed. Although both connect and route power cables and signals, they have some distinct differences worth researching before settling on a purchase decision.”

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