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Right Angle Gearmotors

Right Angle Gearmotors

TelcoMotion’s right-angle gearmotors are known for their compactness and high torque output. Equipped with either AC or DC electric motors, these gearmotors offer a versatile solution to meet the specification of your applications.

TelcoMotion has years of experience working to source, design, and manufacture critical industrial and commercial components—you can trust the quality of our motors.

We offer worm, hypoid, and bevel gearing, designed to meet diverse operational requirements. If space is limited, but a robust power source is required, then our right-angle gearmotors are suitable for the job.

Product Features

High torque

High torque is a key component of our right-angle gearmotors. We’ve designed gearmotors to effectively handle a variety of challenging applications, providing reliable and substantial power when necessary.

Worm, hypoid, and bevel gearing

TelcoMotion is known for creating a diverse line of gearmotors.

Despite their small size, right-angle gearmotors come with different types of gearing:

  • Worm gearing is known for its quiet operation and anti-backdrive feature.
  • Hypoid gearing stands out for its remarkable torque output and durability.
  • Bevel gearing is typically used when a change in the direction of the drive is necessary, showcasing its flexibility and robustness.


Electric motor

We’ve engineered our gearmotors to use electric motors to increase energy efficiency. Combining an electric motor, high torque, and a compact design contributes to an effective and efficient power source.

Optimized for limited space

One of the significant features of right-angle gearmotors is their capability to work well within confined spaces. Their unique design, which integrates a gear reducer where the input and output shafts are aligned at a right angle, helps optimize the use of space.

Right Angle Gearmotors FAQ

A right-angle gearmotor is a motor with an attached gearbox with an output shaft perpendicular to the motor’s position. The combination of the motor with the control gearbox is called a gearmotor, of which there are many subsets and varieties. This particular “right angle” placement makes gearmotors with a right angle design perfect for compact applications.
Hypoid-helical gearmotors are a type of gearmotor known for their high efficiency and superior power transmission capabilities. They combine the benefits of hypoid and helical gear technologies to deliver optimal performance in various applications. Hypoid gearmotors utilize a hypoid gear design. This provides increased torque and efficiency compared to traditional helical gearmotors. The unique gear geometry allows for smoother and quieter operation, making them ideal for applications that call for high torque and precision. Our Comprehensive Guide To Various Types of Gearmotors provides all the details you need regarding gearmotors.
Right-angle gearmotors are suitable for applications requiring substantial torque and 90-degree power transmission within a restricted space. They are commonly used in the automotive, medical, manufacturing, and food processing industries—each of which necessitates compact design, power, and efficiency.
Right-angle gearmotors can enhance efficiency in several ways. Their compact design allows for installations in areas with limited space without sacrificing power output. The integrated electric motor and gear reducer contribute to efficient power transmission. Additionally, the versatility of worm, hypoid, and bevel gearing provides flexible and efficient solutions for various applications.

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