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Robust Centrifugal Blowers

Robust Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers are essential in industrial applications where you need larger volumes of airflow with low to moderate pressure. Whether it’s cooling and drying, ventilation systems, conveying material in dust collector systems, combustion air for burners, or air circulation, centrifugal blowers provide the power, reliability, and performance you need.

TelcoMotion offers a wide range of centrifugal forward curved blowers, including single inlets, double inlets, and cross flow. We have been servicing many industries with centrifugal blowers and are the go-to one-stop shop for your centrifugal blower solutions. Our team works closely with you to provide customization capabilities on both motors and accessories tailored to your project requirements.

Product Features

Single inlet, double inlet, and crossflow types

We offer different types of centrifugal blowers, giving you the option for various use cases and needs. TelcoMotion has customization capabilities to further tailor each type of blower to your project requirements, such as mounting and bearings.

Custom solutions

TelcoMotion has a strong engineering team that works closely with each client to ensure they get a customized solution that meets the exact needs of their system and project. We offer different-sized wheels, motor types, and more.

High quality and efficiency

Our centrifugal blowers are made with premium materials to ensure durability, reliability, and efficiency for your industrial high-pressure airflow needs. You get a quality centrifugal forward curved blower that’s affordable, cost-effective and has high performance.

  • Maximum airflow up to 4,700 CFM
  • Ball bearings and sleeve bearings
  • Voltage up to 230

Robust Centrifugal Blowers FAQ

A centrifugal blower is a motor or pump that moves air. It pulls air or fluids into the blower and pushes it through the blower’s outlet. Centrifugal blowers are ideal for large volumes of airflow at an economical price point. They have an impeller, housing, and motor to drive it, all in one assembly.
TelcoMotion creates reliable and efficient centrifugal forward curved blowers for a variety of industrial applications. You can use them for clean air handling, dust loading, material handling, chemical processing, dairy processing, high-temperature applications, etc.”

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