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Sensorless Phoenix™ EC Motors

Phoenix Electronically Commutated Motors (EC Motors) are variable, high-speed motors designed for high-temperature situations. This brushless, sensorless EC motor is UL certified for commercial oven application to maintain the safety and quality of the motor. TelcoGreen uses premium quality materials to ensure these motors provide reliable motor power and remain durable in heating applications.

The Phoenix line of motors offers an efficient and cost-effective option to meet your project requirements.

Product Features

Sensorless control

Sensorless control methods use current and voltage information from the motor to determine rotor positions and control the motor speed. With RPM feedback, the motor speed information can be used to control the exact speed of the motor and make changes accordingly.

Along with increased reliability and reduced hardware complexity, sensorless controls also provide fewer maintenance requirements and increased life.

RPM feedback

Feedback devices can help the motor operate more efficiently and with higher repeatability. It allows the Phoenix EC Motors motor to adjust output automatically to maintain overall stability, minimize errors, and remove variations without human intervention.

You can also use RPM feedback for troubleshooting your application or implementing fail-safe mechanisms in the system.

Remote mount driver module

A remote mount driver module keeps the sensitive electrical components safe. Understanding that commercial oven temperatures can get very high, our engineering team has created a solution with this in mind.

The electronic driver is separate from the motor offering a remote mounting solution to operate away from high-temperature conditions protecting the driver and increasing the service life of the equipment.

Stainless steel 304 shaft

304-grade stainless steel has high resistance to oxidation and exceptional corrosion resistance to chemical and atmospheric exposures. This type of stainless steel is ideal for shafts because the motor shaft is typically exposed to these types of environments. The stainless steel 304 shaft ensures the motor stays protected and in excellent quality.

PC programmable for custom applications

The Phoenix EC Motors can be programmed to meet the requirements of your application. We modify the EC motor to fit the parameters of your project. The motor operates within a range of voltage and can go up to 7000 RPM depending on what your system needs.

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