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TorqueSet® EC Motors

TelcoGreen constant torque EC Motors are specially designed for multi-purpose HVAC and Indoor Air Quality applications. The TorqueSet component offers a single shaft, high-efficiency motor solution with an onboard connector interface for live programming capabilities and drop-in replacement compatibility within existing systems (ex. X13* style EC Motors).

The TorqueSet is an excellent replacement for PSC motors and shaded pole motors. TorqueSet EC Motors have been vigorously tested and ETL certified to meet the demands of different unique applications.

Product Features

Industry-standard connector

The TorqueSet has an industry-standard connector, which means the component meets the general specifications and performance requirements followed by the industries we serve, to help ensure compatibility and ease of use while maintaining your production line efficiency.

Dual shaft option

We offer the TorqueSet Dual Shaft, which features a shaft at the head and the rear of the motor. Dual shaft motors provide great torque and RPM at lower operating voltages. It also offers the option of using an encoder and wheel simultaneously.

Remote mount driver module – optional

Motor drivers provide power to drive the constant torque EC Motors. Remote mount driver modules offer adaptability and multiple options to reduce cabinet sizing or ensure sensitive electrical parts are safe and mounted away from harsh environments within the system.

PC programmable for custom applications

You can customize how the TorqueSet works for you based on your unique applications. It gives the option to have the constant torque EC motor work seamlessly into existing systems and provide high-efficiency power.

0 – 10V input available

You can control the EC Motors motor with a 0 – 10V DC signal from the automation system. The fan speed can increase for cooling applications and decrease for heating applications. It allows the system to further optimize performance.

Voltage, current, and thermally protected

The TorqueSet EC Motors motor has safety features to protect the system and the motor. These features ensure the system shuts down the power supply or breaks the circuit when the voltage, current, or heat level is above the preset levels.

TorqueSet® EC Motors FAQ

A constant torque EC motor is a brushless motor that reduces friction and heat within the rotor and stator area. They have 90% efficiency and don’t need a capacitor to run. The constant torque motor maintains motor torque when static pressure changes in the system. You can use a constant motor EC Motors for various applications in the HVAC and pump industries.
Constant torque loads draw relatively high currents at low speeds compared to variable-speed motors. The same size device may have a lower HP rating for constant torque motor applications. Constant torque motors can provide a bit more power.
Constant torque motors have higher efficiencies than PSC motors. TorqueSet has up to 90% efficiency, while PSC motors may have up to 60% efficiency.

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