TelcoMotion has provided rugged and reliable motion control products to a wide variety of industries for over 29 years.

We know that original equipment manufacturers build their products around, and stake their reputation on the reliable operation of the components that we provide. From our electric motors and drives, to our custom cables and turnkey assemblies, we have the technology and experience to meet the most demanding applications with cost effective solutions. 

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With efficiencies up to 85%, TelcoGreen’s EC motors are a reliable and cost effective solution to replace PSC and shaded pole motors in the HVAC and pump industries.  We have put forth countless hours of engineering research and development behind these products to provide the best motor solution for your application at an affordable and competitive price.

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What's New

Hypoid - Helical Gearmotor test

High efficiency and cost saving

> Hypoid-Helical Gearmotor
Linear Actuator

Wide selection of linear actuators

Linear Actuator
Hollow Shaft Gearmotor

The output torque: up to 1100 in-lb.

Hollow Shaft Gearmotor