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As a global company, we provide our customers with exceptional and professional motion control solutions, such as our electric motor.

What is an EC Motor?

You may be asking yourself, what is an EC motor? ECM stands for electronically commutated motor. These manufactured machines, also referred to as an ECM motor, EC motors and ECM variable speed motor, are highly efficient and provide many operational benefits.

ECMs usually have some type of internal function and monitoring capabilities that allow for advanced motor control and typically result in the motors being able to conserve more energy than other more conventional motors. With efficiencies reaching up to 90 percent, a Telco EC motor is an obvious choice over the PSC, or permanent split capacitor motor, which is commonly used in many industrial applications.

Though the price difference between an EC motor and PSC motor are much closer now than in the past because of the growing popularity of EC motors, purchasers also have the opportunity to save expenses in other ways through incorporating EC motors into operations, including:

  • Energy Expenses – Unlike most PSC motors, electric motors have the ability to automatically adjust the rate at which they are running, which optimizes production while using a lower amount of energy. This means that even though an EC motor has a higher initial investment than a PSC motor, the gap in pricing can be returned thru energy savings by a more efficient, quieter, motor with numerous control and monitoring capabilities.
  • Inventory – Because of how versatile EC motors are, they can be used in multiple ways and applications, whereas it may take several different PSC motors to accomplish the same tasks. This means that if you use EC motors, you can reduce the number of motor SKUs in inventory and essential free up any space related to the supply of PSC motors.
  • Replacement – In the long run you can also save money from having to purchase replacement motors when using EC motor technology. Because EC motors have the ability to vary the speeds they run, they, in turn, reduce the amount of wear and tear on the motor. On the other hand, a PSC motor essentially has one speed, which is running it at full speed non-stop. Therefore, PSC motors would likely have a shorter lifespan than an EC motor and would require replacement sooner and more often. Although this above is true, the more significant reason why an EC motor is advantageous over PSC in terms of life expectancy is because of the technology behind the EC motor. The ECM uses electronic commutation instead of an induced current into the rotor. The former is an electronically more efficient technology causing less electronic friction and increasing electrical efficiency. Furthermore, the EC motor has electronic controller protections that in the event of over current or over temperature, the motor will shut off or go into standby mode to protect itself. PSC motors either have a resettable thermistor or none at all, that will cause the motor to over run and eventually burn out.

As EC motors are customizable with different ranged voltages and can be used in multiple applications, they provide numerous benefits to users and are the obvious preferred choice over PSC motors. Additionally, due to the ever-increasing energy regulations and more stringent standards from the DOE, many manufacturers (OEMs) are finding it necessary to replace their PSC motors with ECMs to meet the minimum energy consumption requirements.

In addition to the ECM motors, Telco Intercontinental Corporation and its affiliated brands offer a number of other industry solutions, including:

  • HVACR industry
  • Food Equipment
  • Pump & Valve
  • Medical & Laboratories
  • Mobility Equipment
  • Packaging Industry
  • Automotive Industry

Telco: A Global Solution

The advantages of the global network of Telco Intercontinental Corporation are many, and the number of benefits continues to grow as Telco expands its network of international partners. Our lean operations provide lower capital costs, and, due to the proximity to the appropriate markets, access is much more convenient. In addition, we are able to provide our clients with greater customizable options, a broader range of product offerings and a higher output of finished products.

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