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Belt Drive Motor Vs. Direct-Drive Fan Motors

With so many different types of motors on the market, it can be hard to remember which one does what. Here is a helpful overview explaining the differences between a belt-drive motor and a direct-drive fan motor. By learning more about Direct drive motors vs belts, you can see which one would be best suited for your business.

How Does a Direct Drive Motor Work?

Starting with direct drive motors, let’s take a look at how they work. A direct drive motor works in a similar manner as a brushless DC motor. This means that a series of magnets are placed along the rotor and windings on the stator.

The magnets are either repelled or attracted when energized which creates a smooth motion that can be easily controlled.

What Does Direct Drive Motor Mean

The term direct-drive motor refers to this particular motor’s ability to transmit torque to an output mechanism without a belt. The first iteration of this type of motor came out in 1981. These motors have been helping businesses achieve their goals ever since.

What is the Difference Between a Direct Drive Motor and a Belt Drive Motor?

As you might have guessed, the primary difference between a direct drive motor and a belt drive motor is that the former does not utilize a belt. The second most distinct difference between the two is price.

In summary, price, and the fact that belt drive motors are not attached directly to the turntable are the two biggest differences.

Which Is Better: Direct Drive or Belt Drive?

While direct-drive fan motors are considered to be more convenient as a direct-drive motor is attached to the turntable, price is another factor to consider. For most people, the biggest factor to take into consideration when choosing between these two types of motors is the price.

Belt-drive motors are widely considered to be significantly cheaper which makes them more popular in some cases. That said, the price of direct-drive fan motors is starting to come down which will eventually put them on equal footing.

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