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Comprehensive Guide To Brushless Motors

One of the most useful types of motors on the market today is called a brushless motor. Here is what you need to know about brushless vs brushed motor and what it can do for you. As you are about to discover, these motors can do some pretty amazing things.

What Is a Brushless Motor?

A brushless motor is a type of motor that is preferred when torque control and speed are critical factors. As a DC electric motor, the direct current pulses at certain intervals to keep speed and torque under control.

How Does a Brushless Motor Work?

Instead of using brushes and a commutator, brushless motors use direct current to power magnets to move the rotor in the stator. This means that the motor relies on electromagnetism rather than a physical brush and commutator.

What Is the Difference Between Brushed and Brushless Motors?

The primary difference between brushed and brushless motors is that the former is equipped with a brush and commutator while the latter does not have a brush. Brushless motors don’t need brushes because they rely on electromagnetism.

So which one is more advantageous to have? Brushless motors are widely considered to be superior to brushed motors because they’re more efficient. A brushless motor is generally 10%-15% more efficient than the average brushed motor.

Brushless motors are also safer to use as brushed motors have a bad habit of generating more sparks which can be hazardous.

What Are Brushless Motors Used for?

Brushless motors are used for a wide variety of applications in the commercial and industrial world. For example, they are commonly used for industrial positioning applications. These motors are commonly used in applications that require a great deal of precision such as the construction of a PC hard drive.

Brushless motors are also used in the construction of other electronic hardware like DVD players and Blu-ray recorders.

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