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How Are Door Operators at Hospitals Used?

Automatic door operators at hospitals play a crucial yet tragically overlooked role. Without an automatic door operator, all of the doors in a hospital would have to be opened manually. An auto door opener allows for a contactless experience when passing through doors in a hospital.

What is an automatic door operator?

Before getting into the details of how automatic door openers work, let’s go over what exactly an automatic door opener is.

If you have ever passed through automatic doors that open when you come near them and close shortly after you pass through, it is not the Force, it an auto door operator. Auto door operators are the mechanisms that control automatic doors. This means that they control when the door opens by sensing movement and then closing the door shortly after.

An overhead door opener is not the same as an automatic door opener for a regular doorway. Overhead door openers are commonly used for garage door openers.

An automatic swing door is an automatic door that is very commonly used on emergency exits. Hospitals place automatic doors at the exterior exits of the facility. Automatic doors make it faster and easier to get people in and out of a hospital.

How does an automatic door operator work

An auto door operator works by receiving electric signals that help it control when the door opens and when it shuts. These signals are conveyed by an actuator. Without an electric signal, automatic door openers won’t work.

Actuators and operators have their own connection to a power supply and are connected to each other by wires.

There are two variations in actuators that determine how an automatic door operator will work. There are automatic doors that are designed around knowing acts or unknowing acts.

For example, an automatic door that uses motion sensors and opens whenever someone comes within a certain distance has an operator that uses signals that people activate unknowingly.

Likewise, there are some automatic door operators that require a knowing act feature buttons that people have to press to tell the operator to open the door, such as handicap buttons on certain doorways.

Which design is better? Many people argue that automatic door operators with motion sensors are preferable to doors that require people to press a button.

What companies make or install automatic door openers

The companies that make the kind of automatic door openers that are used in hospitals must be committed to quality. Some of the best and most efficient automatic door operators use Telco parts.

Telco has a strong reputation for exceptional engineering which makes it a top choice for businesses that take pride in the automatic door openers they produce.

Companies like Stanley Access Technologies and Beacon CommDoor & Lock provide hospitals and other businesses with automatic door operators to ensure easy access for all.

What type of doors are used in hospitals

While automatic door operators that require users to hit a button to open the door are used throughout the interior of many hospitals, auto door operators with motion sensors are used primarily on the entrances, exits, etc.

Automatic door operators are essential for hospitals to ensure the safety of others during emergencies. They also provide equal access to people with disabilities or serious health conditions.

Are automatic door operators required by ADA?

Automatic door operators are required on the exits and entrances on the exterior of buildings like hospitals. Automatic doors are commonly used on exterior entrances to ensure that the doors are easily accessible to the frail and disabled including people with wheelchairs.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, all buildings that are open to the public must provide easy and equal access to people with disabilities. This means that public buildings need ADA operators. That is to say that public buildings like hospitals need to use automatic door operators that meet the standards stipulated by the ADA.  ADA operators are required to make it easy for the frail and disabled to use doorways and gain access.

An automatic swing door is a great design for an emergency exit which makes them popular with hospitals. The most common kind of automatic door is an automatic swing door. Many hospital doors and entrances feature an automatic door opener for safety, security, and convenience.

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