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Importance of Quality Assurance and Product Testing

Quality assurance and product testing are two of the single most important factors in a product’s potential for success. Without quality assurance and product testing, most products would not be viable for release on the market. Here is an introduction to the importance of quality assurance and product testing as they relate to the world of commerce and industry.

What is the quality assurance process?

Before taking a look at the mechanics of the quality assurance process, you must first ask yourself what quality assurance is. The most basic definition of quality assurance is organized maintenance that is performed to ensure a certain level of quality in a product.

Here is a quick breakdown of how quality assurance works. The quality assurance process encompasses a number of checks and balances that ensure that products meet user expectations by the time they are released.

This process involves identifying success factors, organizational goals, and room for improvement. These factors are then compared against customer feedback in order to establish any room for improvement.

Improvements to the product are made in accordance with customer feedback and notes from the development team.

What is the purpose of quality assurance?

Now that you know more about how quality assurance works, you might be wondering what the purpose of it is and why it is so important. The purpose of quality assurance is to ensure that companies are putting high-quality products on the market that meet customer expectations and desires.

When a company fails to maintain quality, they lose customers. Even worse, their reputation suffers as well which leads to even more dismal sales figures. Conversely, when a company is committed to producing high-quality products, customers flock to them and they stay loyal.

Difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance?

There is a significant yet subtle difference between quality assurance vs. quality control. The biggest difference between quality assurance vs. quality control is the timeframe. Quality assurance measures are typically implemented through medium to long-term while quality control is generally executed towards the end of the development process.

What is the relationship between product testing and quality assurance?

Quality assurance is closely related to product testing. That said, there are some differences. While quality assurance is a series of measures that are put in place to encourage quality, product testing consists of actionable tests.

What are some examples of quality assurance?

An example of quality assurance would be checking products for mistakes. By checking your products for mistakes before sending them out to be released to the market, you will spare your company from customer complaints.

Remember, it is always better to discover a product defect in-house before it reaches the customer. This is why quality assurance is so important to businesses around the world. Without it, there would be thousands and thousands if not millions of customer complaints.

With so many complaints, the reputation of an entire company could go down in flames virtually overnight.

How do quality inspection and testing differ?

While a quality inspection will involve a physical inspection of the product, testing may involve using the product directly.

When you have a product inspection, someone will check for any obvious signs of damage in addition to any visible defects. By the time you get to product testing, you will be doing things like testing the chemical composition of certain paints and testing your product to ensure that it meets international safety codes, etc.

Should you conduct product testing before or after production begins?

For those of you wondering whether it is best to conduct product testing before or after production begins, the answer is both! That is to say, that product testing should be initiated both before and after production.

Why it’s important to test new products prior to launch

The earlier you start the product testing process, the fewer mishaps you’ll have throughout the production cycle. For example, if you neglect to detect a crucial error by forgoing product testing early in development, you can end up with a very expensive problem to fix later on.

It is always best to detect errors, flaws, and the like as early as possible. Product flaws are generally less expensive to fix when detected early on.

Sometimes it is not always feasible to detect all of the defects before the launch. That said, the more time and resources that you invest in product testing, the fewer issues you and your customers will experience.

Why you should continue product testing after production begins

Testing your products after production begins is also a good idea because it will give you a chance to test random samples from the assembly line. By testing random samples you can ensure that the entire batch is successful and free of any flaws.

It is always better to know that each batch of products you are sending out into the market is well-made. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the products you ship out will meet customer expectations.

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