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How Do Custom AC Motors Work?

The key characteristic that defines a custom AC motor is that it operates using alternating current. There are other differing characteristics, however, this one is fundamental to understanding precisely how an AC motor works.

An AC charge will flow in one direction around a circuit; however, the direction in which the current flows can be reversed, and this does occur regularly. This implies that changing the current direction will be determined by the voltage change on an AC circuit. By contrast, the DC motor current will only flow in one direction around a circuit, and hence the voltage on a DC circuit remains constant.

The current within a custom AC motor relies on a device called an alternator, which is responsible for changing (or alternating) the charge direction. An alternator is a basic electrical generator, whereby an electromagnetic field (EMF) is created when electricity is passed through a spinning rotor shaft. The rotor itself revolves within a set of static wire coils – called a stator – causing the EMF to change direction, as the rotor shaft turns relative to the stator.