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Signs You Need Pool Motor Pump Servicing

There are common symptoms or signs that a pool pump motor may be faulty, and require maintenance or service. The following signs, and their possible root cause, are discussed below:

Deep ‘Rumbling’ Sounds Within The Pool Motor

A vibrating pump motor can create intermittent and deep rumbling noises. These sounds may occur due to the excessive vibrations that are caused when the pump bumps and rotates against the pool’s surface. These excessive pool pump fluctuations often occur when a pump dislodges, or the impeller becomes loose.

This issue can be easily fixed, providing it is serviced straight away. Otherwise, the continuous bumping on the pool’s surface can damage the pump motor to the point where extensive repairs might be required. If the pump has developed cracks within its housing unit, then a completely new pool pump motor will be needed.

Scraping Or Screeching Sounds Are Occurring

Scraping or grinding noises coming from the motor housing often indicate that your motor pump needs new ball bearings. Partially worn or worn-out bearings can force the motor to overheat within a short amount of time, and damage might happen to the pump motor’s internal windings.

Bearings by themselves are inexpensive parts, however replacing the old ones will involve opening and inspecting the pump motor, identifying the bearings to be replaced, and closing the motor properly and carefully. Typically, worn bearing noises also flag an associated leaking pump seal, which will also need replacing.

Air Bubbles Surfacing And Spitting Water

If there suddenly appears a constant stream of air bubbles in your swimming pool, or the motor’s water-sucking action has diminished power while operating in the water, then this is a warning sign that your motor pump has a potential air leak or multiple leaks.

This means that the motor pump is not filtering the pool water as efficiently and effectively as it should be doing. If this issue is left unattended, the outcome will not only be dirty or cloudy-looking pool water, but a higher risk of health hazards become more prevalent.