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How Telco Gearmotors Are Meeting OEM And Designer Demands

Thousands of businesses, hospitals, and organizations rely on gear motors. With such a wide range of gear motors out there, there have to be some standards in place. Here is what you need to know about Telco’s commitment to OEM.

What Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

So what is OEM? OEM, or, Original Equipment Manufacturer is a designation associated with businesses that produce parts and equipment marketed and sold to manufacturers.

Top gear motors are held to the standards and demands of OEM. Telco is dedicated to meeting OEM demands by manufacturing premium gear motors.

What is a Gearmotor?

What is a gearmotor? A gearmotor is an efficient design for a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. You’ll find them featured in automatic door operators, overhead doors, security cameras, and HVAC systems among countless other things.

When considering what a gear motor is, you should know that there is a DC gear motor and an AC gear motor. The difference between a DC gearmotor and an AC gear motor is that one utilizes direct current while the other uses alternating current.

Why OEM Is Important

What makes OEM so important? OEM is important because of its association with quality. It means that gearmotors and other parts must be built with high-quality materials.

Due to the fact that the parts that are sold by OEM businesses to other businesses, the parts must be of top-notch quality. That is because the parts that OEMs sell are used by other businesses to produce a finished product.

A finished product is only as good as its individual parts which is why quality is paramount when it comes to OEM. Telco has demonstrated a clear and strong passion for producing exceptional gear motors that can stand the test of time.

Why the Need for OEM, How Do OEMs Work?

An original equipment manufacturer sells individual components that other companies use to manufacture finished products. This means that OEM companies focus on business-to-business sales.

What do OEMs Look for in Products

OEMs need increasingly smaller, lighter, longer-lasting, efficient components and competitively priced power transmission products to maintain their competitive edge. That’s where Telco comes in, we can help!

Telco’s Dedication to Meeting OEM Demands

As a world-class gear motor manufacturer, Telco is dedicated to meeting OEM demands. If your business needs high-quality gearmotors that meet OEM demands, you need a telco gear motor. Check out our selection!

When it comes to superior gearmotors that meet OEM demands, Telco is the smart choice, call today!