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Power Distribution Blocks Advantages & Disadvantages

When determining power distribution blocks, it is important to confirm the requirements for their intended application, as most power terminal blocks are optimized for a particular purpose. They are not ideal for every connectivity condition, yet power terminal blocks are convenient for agile, efficient interconnections, and smooth power distribution.


The main advantage power distribution blocks offer is cost savings. In contrast with other types of connectors, power distribution blocks are comparably cheap. They save valuable labor time, as connecting multiple wires to such a unit is not a complicated process.


The main disadvantage is that even well-secured wires can become loose from their terminal blocks due to vibration or nudging forces. Consequently, it is important to thoroughly test all connections before implementing them to guarantee they can endure the difficulties they will experience within certain operating environments. Additionally, terminal blocks generally do not come with protective covers, and they are not sealed against the elements. This limits their fitness for specific interior applications.

If you think you might need a power distribution block, but you’re not sure what kind or if it is right, contact Telco. Our experts can help you find the perfect part for your project.