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The Applications of Coreless DC Motors

The various advantages that coreless DC motors produce make it a recommended option when accuracy, durability, and performance are necessary requirements, regardless of the industry application.

Practical applications of coreless DC motors within the healthcare industry include: powering dialysis pumps, surgery equipment and tools, CPAP machines, and ambulatory immersion pumps.

Coreless DC motors are used broadly in medical applications, including insulin pumps, prosthetics, laboratory equipment, and X-ray machines. Coreless DC motors manage fast and powerful movements, which makes them suitable for robotic applications.

General Information about Coreless DC Motors

Some of the typical applications that a coreless DC motor is used for include:

  • Medical centrifuges, which are specific medical equipment that uses centrifugal force for dividing substances of different thicknesses,
  • MRI and CT scanners, and diagnostic equipment,
  • Certain airway clearance equipment,
  • Medical blowers, pumps, and compressors,
  • Selected surgical instruments, such as a saw or drill.


Almost a century after the first coreless DC motor was created, the market is now in abundance with them, and for a good reason: they operate powerfully, with precision, and are quite efficient.

Coreless DC motors provide particular advantages when employed in medical devices, specifically devices requiring repeated sterilization requirements.

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