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The Needs & Trends Of Mobilized Medical Equipment

The world of mobilized medical equipment has come a long way over the years. From relying on purely mechanical solutions, the modern medical community has the luxury of depending on highly advanced equipment that utilizes electric motors like brushless DC motors, stepper motors, etc.

How Has Medical Equipment Changed?

The biggest changes that will be coming to the field of mobilized medical equipment will focus on mobility and cleanliness. It becoming increasingly important to make medical equipment and technology as mobile as possible for the patients’ convenience.

Of course, cleanliness and sanitation have taken on a role with renewed importance of late. The accuracy and precision of medical imaging equipment will also be something to focus on.

As mobilized medical equipment continues to advance in terms of technology, their reliance on high-quality motors will increase in tandem.

What Role do Motors Play in Medical Equipment

Motors are crucial to the function and operability of modern medical equipment that we rely on every day. Brushless DC motors in medical applications are quite common and stepper motors are also frequently used in mobilized medical equipment.

Medical motors like gear motors are also found in tons of devices that medical professionals use every day. That is why the quality of these motors is so important. Behind every hospital stairlift, MRI machine, motorized medical scooter, motorized door opener, and hospital bed motor, there is an electric motor.

Mobilized medical equipment today is only as good as the motor that powers it. Without a reliable motor, an MRI machine could fail. The risk isn’t limited to MRI machines, any number of mobilized medical devices could fail and compromise a patient’s health and safety when manufactured using an unreliable or poorly built motor.

For example, when a motorized medical scooter, motorized door opener, or hospital bed motor malfunctions because the electric motor was poorly made, it can endanger the patient. This is especially true of patients in the ER where time is of the essence.

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