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How Motorized Medical Equipment Can Save Lives

Motorized medical equipment saves lives, millions of them. Today, nearly every surgical procedure involves the use of motorized medical equipment. Here is a glimpse at how motorized medical equipment saves lives and why the motors that power all of that equipment are so important.

Which Types of Motors Are Used in Hospitals?

There are several types of motors that are commonly used in modern hospitals. The most frequently used of these would be PMDC motors and gear motors. These devices make motorized solutions possible. These motorized solutions include the motorized medical scooter, motorized door opener, and hospital bed motor.

All of these things serve a critical purpose and save lives. By powering a motorized medical scooter, motorized door opener, and hospital bed motor, each individual motor is doing amazing things in hospitals around the globe.

The medical industry also uses motors to facilitate essentials like CT scanners, CPAP devices, dialysis, and robotic surgery. Without electric motors like those built by respectable manufacturers like Telco, none of this would be possible.

Brushless DC motors and stepper motors are frequently found in motorized medical equipment. The quality of these motors has a direct impact on patients, the more reliable the motor is, the better off patients are.

What Motors Are Used in Prosthetics?

Prosthetics is one area where motors have been incredibly useful. Most prosthetic devices are powered by small DC motors. These tiny DC motors are what allow these devices to sustain movement and grip things effectively.

As such, electric motors like these have made dramatic improvements to the lives of thousands of people. The use of DC motors in prosthetics is yet another example of just how integral electric motors can be to the medical community and humanity as a whole.

For example, stepper motors are prized for their ability to hold positions at any location. They’re also held in high regard for their incredible accuracy as they can be operated within increments of 1.8°, 0.9°, or even 0.45°. That is incredibly exact!

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