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Worm Gear Motor

Every type of motor has a unique purpose. The more you understand worm gearmotors, the more value you’ll get out of these unique machines. Worm gearmotors have a wide variety of potential applications that makes them extremely popular with countless businesses from different industries. Here is what you should know about worm gearmotors and how they work.

What Is a Worm Gearmotor?

A worm gearmotor drives two interconnected shafts, resulting in their combined rotation. The first shaft, the one that is connected to and driven by the power source, is called the “worm.”With a spiral thread along its length, similar to that of a screw with a V-type thread, the spiral grooves fit around the teeth of a wheel-shaped shaft (similar to a spur gear) that intersects the worm at 90 degrees. As the motor turns the first shaft, the second gear (sometimes called a “worm wheel”) is then turned as well.

A single start worm will have a single thread along its length. This means that per one revolution of the shaft, the wheel advances by just one tooth. As implied by the obvious name single start, it is possible to have more than just one spiral on the worm.

Predictably, two starts would equal the advancement of two teeth per revolution of the worm shaft and three starts would give you three teeth per revolution.

The gear reduction is calculated by the ratio of teeth to threads. So a single start worm and a worm wheel gear with 24 teeth would equal a gear reduction of 24:1. Meanwhile, a two-start worm and a worm wheel with 24 teeth would have a gear reduction of 24:2.

How does a worm gear work?

The two most important components of any worm gearmotor are the screw and the wheel. These components are commonly called a worm screw and worm wheel respectively. The gear ratio makes them smaller and subsequently more popular.

The amount of force needed to turn a worm wheel depends on the diameter of the screw and the worm wheel itself. The worm wheel turns with the screw which generates sufficient rotational force to perform a wide variety of tasks.

What are the advantages of worm gearmotors?

One of the biggest advantages of using a worm gearmotor is the amount of physical space you can save. These motors are very compact which makes them an ideal choice for businesses in the food packaging industry.

To take full advantage of the benefits associated with worm gearmotors, it pays to know about the best worm gearmotor manufacturers. The quality of any worm gearmotor depends on the dependability of the manufacturer which is why so many people choose to source their worm gearmotors from Telco.

What are worm gearmotors used for?

Worm gearmotors have a vast array of applications. Depending on what you intend on doing you may need a high torque worm gearmotor or a DC worm gearmotor. Worm gearmotors are used in elevators, packaging equipment, and heavy equipment.

These motors are valued for a number of reasons including the fact that they have the capacity to absorb the energy from large sudden shocks. That is what makes them so well-suited for heavy equipment and industrial purposes.

They’re also much quieter than other motors which makes them an ideal choice for applications that require relative silence. This makes them popular with elevator manufacturers. Have you ever noticed that aside from the people inside them, elevators aren’t particularly noisy? You have a worm gearmotor to thank for that!

Worm gearmotors are used by businesses in a wide variety of different industries which makes them extremely versatile as a motor. These motors are commonly used when space and or noise is an issue.

For this reason, worm gearmotors are commonly found in elevators and airport equipment as they generate less noise than other types of motors. You can also find many worm gearmotors in food packaging facilities.

Due to the fact that worm gearmotors have significantly fewer gearsets than other motors, they are prized by manufacturers that don’t have much space to work with.

In the food packaging industry, worm gearmotors are used alongside motors for conveyor belts and compact equipment. They’re also used quite frequently in the construction of lifts, hoists, etc.

As worm gearmotors have the unique ability to absorb energy from a sudden shock, they are favored by businesses in the heavy equipment industry. These motors can be found in rock crushers and other varieties of heavy industrial equipment.

When is another product better than using a worm gearmotor?

While worm gearmotors are prized for their fast braking and stopping capabilities, low noise outputs, and ability to absorb energy, they aren’t built for speed. Any application that requires a lot of speed will require a different type of motor.

This means that if you need something that is compact, quiet, and has the capacity to absorb energy from sudden shocks, you’ll want a worm gearmotor. When you need speed, you’ll want something else.

As worm gearmotors are used in heavy equipment, food packaging, elevators, airports, and other industries with similar operational requirements, they have a wide range of applications. With such a wide range of uses, you will most likely find yourself in need of a worm gearmotor at some point in the lifecycle of your business.

When purchasing a worm gearmotor, it is important to find a qualified manufacturer. The quality of the manufacturer influences the quality of the product. Telco has earned a reputation for producing excellent worm gearmotors that are efficient, dependable, and productive.

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