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Case Studies

Case Study: HVAC-R

The client is a major manufacturer of cast iron ranges and heaters. For over 100 years, their products have been built to meet the needs of the American people. Additionally, this client has been considered one of the largest manufacturers of solid-fuel heating appliances in North America. Whatever type of machine you’re using, you want to be able to trust that its internal parts will work seamlessly and long-term.


The client wanted to stay ahead of the competition by improving blower safety and decreasing product costs. The problem? The product’s 3-piece housing design required an extra spot welding procedure. Not only did this create an extra cost, but it also created extra chances for air to leak between welded spots, thus increasing safety risks.


TelcoGreen was on the case. We devoted time and engineering resources to the project, proposing to change the blower housing from a 3-piece design to a 1-piece design. With this change, riveting and welding were eliminated from the manufacturing process to prevent possible airflow loss on the blower. The blower air volume increased by 8% with an additional 10% savings in power consumption. Today, the new 1-piece design has proven to be a better performance blower in terms of power consumption and air volume generated—and at no additional cost to the customer.

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