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Applications Of Right Angle Gearmotors

Right-angle gearmotors are among the most popular types of motors in certain industries. Countless businesses rely on these motors to keep things moving and maintain production levels. If you’re unsure if your business would need right-angle gearmotors, this article is for you. Here is an overview of right-angle gearmotors.

What is a right-angle gearmotor?

So what is a right-angle gearmotor? It is an electric motor with an integrated gear reducer. It also features an output shaft. The output shaft is perpendicular to the input shaft. You should know that there are multiple kinds of right-angle gearmotors.

Right-angle gearmotor can be used in worm gears, spiral bevel gears, and hypoid gears. As you will soon discover, these motors can be used in the medical industry and the food service industry.

When should you use a right-angle gear motor?

A right-angle gear motor is going to be your best option in scenarios in which space is tight. They’re also preferred for applications that require a lot of torque. The compact size of these motors makes them an ideal choice when you need to fit a motor in a compact space.

Right-angle motors have impressive capabilities when it comes to torque. Depending on your application you might need a brushless DC right-angle gearmotor. Not sure what type of right-angle gearmotor you need for your business? Then give the team at Telco a call, and we can help you select the best kind of right-angle DC gearmotor for your requirements. When you speak with one of our representatives and tell them about your business, we can point you in the right direction.

What is the benefit of a right-angle gear motor?

The biggest advantages associated with right-angle gearmotors are their capacity for torque and compact size. With plenty of torque and a compact design, right-angle gearmotors are in demand.

Due to their compact size and torque output, right-angle gearmotors are perfect for a large variety of applications. They’re used in beverage dispensing and packaging equipment as well as conveyors. As such, you can find these motors in a vast array of industrial equipment.

Businesses are dependent upon the components they use in their industrial equipment. Imagine how expensive it would be to your business if conveyor belts just stopped running. It would be financially disastrous. That is why it is so important to find a manufacturer that you can trust. It doesn’t do any good to spend money on a motor that breaks down within a week because it was poorly built, poorly designed, or both.

When you have dependable right-angle motors that are built to last your business can keep on running unimpeded by equipment failure.

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