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TorqueSet® EC Motors

Electronically Commutated Motors (EC Motors) are essential for many commercial, automotive, and residential applications, such as heating and cooling applications. They provide significant motor power with less energy loss, making EC Motors motors highly efficient and quiet.

TelcoGreen is a leading provider of EC Motors – focusing on helping companies reduce their carbon footprint while maximizing operational efficiencies. Our TorqueSet and TorqueSet Dual Shaft products have many high-performance features that are ideal for various applications.


About Our High-Efficiency TorqueSet® and TorqueSet® Dual Shaft Components

The TorqueSet and TorqueSet Dual Shaft EC Motors are specially designed for multi-purpose HVAC and Indoor Air Quality applications. These are great to replace PSC motors and AC motors requiring a variable frequency drive in both the HVAC and pump industries.



TelcoGreen provides high-quality, high-efficiency TorqueSet EC Motors for various unique applications. Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a small facility, our team can help you become more efficient while reducing your carbon footprint – a double win for you.

Our engineers and in-house designers and procurement teams work closely with you to provide on-hand support and source components directly to your production facility. You get high-quality, high-efficiency TorqueSet electronically commutated brushless motors that help you overcome some of your most challenging project requirements.

The TelcoGreen TorqueSet EC Motors have integrated drivers and an onboard connector interface to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and meet some of your most rigorous performance and durability tests.

We offer to customize all our products and designs according to the specifications and unique applications your business needs. The result is a TorqueSet or TorqueSet Dual Shaft EC motor that works perfectly for your project.

An electronically commutated brushless motor is a permanent magnet, brushless DC motor used in various applications. EC Motors use AC input power, converting it to DC electric power to run a 3-phase DC motor, all within a NEMA 48-frame motor size. It incorporates onboard electronics with many capabilities to integrate into existing systems.

EC Motors are also known as BLDC motors and have higher efficiencies than AC induction motors. EC Motors can maintain high-efficiency levels over a range of speeds rather than reach a high peak efficiency at a single speed.

The EC motor is a permanent magnet motor with built-in electronics controlling the speed and torque, while AC induction motors use the main frequency to turn and the external frequency converter to determine speed.

TorqueSet EC Motors are ideal for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy for a variety of applications, specifically in the HVAC and pump industries.

Applications include:

  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Evaporators
  • Air conditioners
  • Propeller fans
  • Power roof ventilators

Yes, TorqueSet and TorqueSet Dual Shaft EC brushless motors can be used for heating and cooling applications, such as air conditioners and furnaces.

Dual shaft means there is a shaft on either side of the EC motor. You can drive two different applications on either side of the dual shaft motor or mount an encoder to the rear shaft to monitor the actual speed of the motor.

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